Welcome to Tranquility Float centre and reflexology studio. Floating is a unique method that achieves complete relaxation. Each person floats in a quiet, private room, in their own float tank. A float tank is a similar to a bath or spa, and is filled with body temperature water. Magnesium sulphate, or epsom salts, are dissolved in the water. This makes the water extremely buoyant, so your body experiences weightlessness and floats easily, allowing muscles to completely relax, and tension to melt away. With the lights off, and in the warm, quiet environment, almost complete sensory deprivation is achieved, allowing your mind to switch off from the fast pace of modern life. Floating has a meditation-like effect on your brain. After floating, people report feeling peaceful, calm and re-energised. As a bonus, sleep quality is also improved after floating.

Benefits of floating include: increased relaxation, improved quality of sleep, decreased blood pressure, increased muscle recovery after a physical workout.


We are open for business:


Introductory two person trial: Keen to try floating? Want to bring a friend? Sign up and register for your first float, and bring a friend half price!

Gift Vouchers are available: Don’t give someone something that will clutter up a drawer, or collect dust on a shelf, give someone special a gift that will help them relax much more than a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. Tranquility Float Gift Vouchers are a great gift.