Welcome to Tranquility Float!

Float therapy – the ultimate in mental and physical rest – at Hobart’s most relaxing float centre

Apollo float tanks used by Tranquility Float

Step out of your busy life, and experience calm, peace, relaxation and deep rejuvenating rest.

Experience float therapy as a way to achieve complete relaxation – relief from all the sensory overload so common in our hectic lives. Using Australian-made Apollo float tanks, your body experiences weightlessness and floats easily, allowing muscles to completely relax, and tension to melt away.

With the lights off, and in a warm, quiet environment, almost complete sensory deprivation is achieved, allowing your mind to switch off from the fast pace of modern life.

Single Floats – $80

Introductory two person special – $120

Float memberships

  • One float per month – $65 per float

  • Two floats per month – $60 per float

  • Four floats per month – $55 per float

  • One float a quarter – $63 per float




Reflexology treatments:┬áRelaxing and therapeutic foot massage that stimulates the body’s own natural healing processes.